Wednesday, 12 May 2010

3 Weeks To Go

For the final stretch of this module we've been given the option of either creating an entirely new brief of our own (which doesn't seem wise considering we only have three weeks to complete whatever project this may be), or to complete/continue our previous live brief project. I enjoyed working of the Feel Good Drinks brief and regret not being able to finish it off properly in the time I had, so I've decided to complete it to the best of my ability in the extra time we've been given. I'd like to get the project to a stage where I feel I can show it to people as a serious competition entry (even though the deadline for said competition has long since passed), so it comes across as a possibility for a real advertisement.

I intend to go go back and add the main scene I had to leave out last time where the character goes to grab the bottle, as well as tweak some other scenes which look rather lazy and static. One of these is the scene where the other people are shown stretching the hands skyward in an attempt to catch the falling bottle; panning over a still image of this looked really bad in the 'final' animation and I didn't like it at all. I'll animate them to show their hands reaching upwards, and while I'm at it I'll fix the dancing/twirling girl so she's not permanently (and unrealistically) spinning on one leg. Its also been brought to my attention how unprofessional the sign in the shrine looks with my wobbly hand written text, so I'm going to look into the fonts used in relation to the Feel Good products to see which would be the most appropriate to use instead. Lastly, and perhaps most importantly, I'm going to look into sound so my advert can finally have a music track of some sort, or at the very least some background sound effects. I feel this is necessary to make the animation feel finished, as it isn't very effective in grabbing people's attention (which is exactly what adverts are made for) while silent.

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