Wednesday, 12 May 2010

Sound Test

Just a quick test to see how this part of my animation works with sound. I used sound effects from the video game that partially inspired the angles used for these scenes (opening a treasure chest and getting a valuable item from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time), especially the top angle of the last part when the character throws the bottle above his head. However, while the music kind of fits, it would be far too obviously copyrighted to use in the final animation since practically everyone in the video game community knows this sound. I also think it doesn't feel happy or heavenly enough... the music is a little too heavy. But experimenting with this has given me a few other ideas for possible, lesser known video game music that might work well, so I'll continue my search for now. If necessary I could just have sound effects and no music, but I fear that might make the animation seem rather empty and soulless. I need music to make the audience feel good while watching the animation. But either way I could do with some sound effects for thunder and such for the opening shot so I'll continue to search through some of the free sound effects sites I've found below.

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